August 2010 Updates


The 2010 field season began in March when Janet Mann and Eric Patterson arrived in Monkey Mia. They met the Big Wave film crew there to finish filming for the upcoming BBC Natural World documentary on the Dolphins of Shark Bay.

Filming finished in May and Janet returned to DC. Eric stayed in Shark Bay through August collecting more data for his PhD project on the social transmission of foraging behaviors. Ewa Krzyszczyk and her team will arrive in Monkey Mia in September to finish out the year.


During the filming, we spent a lot of time with the Puck family and are happy to report that everyone is doing well.

Puck's new calf, Samu, is male and Kiya's new calf, Khamun, is female! They are both healthy and are becoming excellent hunters.

We are expecting the beachies' numbers to continue to grow as both Surprise and her daughter, Shock, appear to be pregnant and due sometime in the austral spring!


Janet Mann and Maggie Stanton returned from Riva del Garda, Italy where they presented at Sunbelt XXX, a Social Network Analysis conference (June-July).

Maggie and Janet presented papers on calf social networks and the development of tool-use in dolphins at the annual Animal Behavior Conference in Williamsburg, Virginia (August).

Celine Frère, Janet, Ewa, and Eric are excited about the new paper featuring their blow sampling technique that was just published in PloS ONE!