Eight students and researchers from Georgetown University presented at the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic Marine Mammal Symposium in Conway, South Carolina from April 1st-3rd. Undergraduate Psychology Honors student Kristen Hovis received an award for Best Student Poster for her work entitled, "Quantifying the Rate of Fission-Fusion."

The titles and authors on the other presentations are listed below. * denotes oral presentation.

*Snapshot or movie: How sampling methods bias dolphin social network metrics.
Stanton, M., Mann, J., Gibson, Q., Sargeant, B., Bejder, L. & Singh, L.

Predation risk and birth seasonality in Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins.
Cotter, A. & Mann, J.

A comparison of observational sampling methods for measuring activity budgets of wild dolphins.
Gallagher, L., Mann, J., Foroughirad, V. & Waston-Capps, J.

Does provisioning affect calf mortality and activity budgets in bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops sp.) in Shark Bay, Australia?
Foroughirad, V. & Mann, J.

Going with the flow?: The relationship between sponge foraging dolphins (Tursiops sp.) and tidal current.
Barnao, J., Patterson, E., Sargeant, B. & Mann, J.

*The Lipid and Fatty Acid Composition of Cetacean Blow.
Patterson, E., Teter, B., Krzyszczyk, E., Hunter, S., Ginsburg, A. & Mann, J.

Synchrony and Development in Bottlenose Dolphins.
Sidhu, N. & Mann, J.

Quantifying the Rate of Fission-Fusion.
Hovis, K., Stanton, M., Mann, J. & Ryan, R.

Best Undergraduate Poster Award Winner Kristen Hovis