Madison Miketa

PhD Student, Georgetown University, USA

Madison graduated from Brown University in 2010 with a Bachelor of Science in Biology with a focus on Animal Behavior. Her Honors thesis examined the biogeographical patterns exhibited by all shark species worldwide under the guidance of Dr. Dov Sax. Over the last few years she has worked in a variety of labs studying navigation in sea turtles (with Dr. Kenneth Lohmann and Dr. Catherine Lohmann), ontogenetic changes in sharks (with Dr. Jamie Seymour), movement patterns in sharks (with Dr. Jonathan Werry), development in Zebra fish (with Dr. Ruth Colwill), learning and problem solving in sea lions (with Dr. Colleen Reichmuth), behavioral responses to seismic surveys in humpback whales (with Dr. Mike Noad and Dr. Rebecca Dunlop), numerical cognition in primates (with Dr. Elizabeth Brannon), and social behavior in lemurs (with Dr. Christine Drea). She hopes her previous experiences will help her use an interdisciplinary approach to her research at Shark Bay. Madison is primarily interested in social behavior and complex cognitive abilities in marine species. She hopes to apply her research to further conservation and management of the species.